“Strip2Clothe”: Stripping for the Homeless?!

Hmmm…have you heard about this? Virgin Mobile, the cell phone company, launched a campaign that features young adults stripping to music on videos they post. In return, clothing companies (think American Eagle) would provide donations of new clothing for homeless youths based on the number of times the videos were viewed.


As of Saturday, there were 20 videos uploaded on the “Strip2Clothe” site, which the site claims had generated 51,291 donations.

Christian groups are saying the campaign is exploitive, and inappropriate.  No nudity is permitted, but the whole concept of “take off yours, we donate ours” leaves a bad taste. Are we glorifying stripping here? Like, tease me a little bit, and you can get what you want?

I get it: Virgin Mobile is trying to make donating clothing sexy. But why should you have to strip down to your underwear as part of a national campaign to help another human being? Using a “strip-tease” to get big corporations to donate clothing sounds creepy.

What do you think? If you want to keep your clothes on, and help homeless youths in your area, visit the following site to see what you can do:  http://www.nationalhomeless.org/resources/local/local.html


3 Responses to ““Strip2Clothe”: Stripping for the Homeless?!”

  1. jimbo Says:

    well for one.. check out the site. It’s ONE way to donate.. the other is to text 2 clothe.

    for another.. they aren’t forcing you to do anything.. if you don’t think you should, don’t! My opinion is that this is a great campaign, with obviously enough controversy to get the job done.. 20 thousand hits in 2 days with 97 thousand video views.. Its interesting because even the negative press is creative a ridiculous amount of donations.

    Look on youtube.. look at younger people talking about this. Younger people understand they don’t have to strip for charity.. they aren’t stupid.. but its a huge hit with the 17-25 demo.. and THAT’S VIRGIN MOBILES DEMO!… It will be interesting to see when it comes down to it whether these charities accept the donations that have been generated as a result of this site.

    And also.. the main argument here is that its exploitative to children and teens.. that this is too close to what homeless girls have to do for money.. well check this out.. a woman that has lived it supports it fully and shes got a documentary coming out that is generating a lot of buzz… check it out.


    interesting… how the people who give it a chance love it.. that go beyond the knee jerk WOW this is terrible reaction..

  2. ywhealth Says:

    Hi Jimbo,

    Thanks for writing. You bring up some very good points and I appreciate your insight, and additional resources.
    Carissa’s blog is great, too.
    Not judging, just saying: the tag line of “take off yours, we donate ours” is still creepy to me.
    Hope you will continue to check out ywhealth and comment.
    All the best,

  3. pat Says:

    jimbo does have great insight as to what they are doing…does he work for VIRGIN?

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